Nature of Projects Supported

  • Innovative ideas present or future which are of relevance to MRPL line of business / petroleum industry / future areas of the industry.
  • Projects with clear objectives for technology/business process re-engineering, in the Oil Industry.
  • Innovations with significant business potential, social relevance and/or focused on the issue of environment-protection.
  • Projects aimed at technology/business de-risking, i.e., reducing uncertainties and future predictions.
  • Concepts or approaches for development of zero waste / no waste / minimum waste generation.
  • Innovative projects under alternate energy utilization.
  • Projects focused on generating and providing the scientific data needed to demonstrate an idea to potential licensors/ investors, etc.
MRPL Plant
MRPL Plant

Nature of Projects not Supported

  • Projects which are not in line with the Objectives of Start-up India scheme.
  • Research projects that aim to demonstrate scientific principles, techniques, etc. without technology commercialization objectives.
  • Projects without pathforward to convert ideas into implementable technology / products / services.
  • Projects with no element of novelty or innovation.
  • Projects with serious ethical and EHS risks.
  • Projects which have received funding for the same objectives from other companies.