Focus Area


MRPL has launched the start-up vehicle to promote promising start-ups and nurture an eco-system conducive for innovations to be developed as business model. This initiative will support projects which aim to establish innovative technology and business process re-engineering ideas which are sustainable, support employment and protect environment. Further under the scheme, MRPL is committed
  • To support and fund projects in the area energy sector that aim to pursue an innovative idea, by promoting the creation of new start-ups / early start-ups leading to commercialization / business development.
  • To support entrepreneurs or projects or business models with commercial potential to eventual commercialization / implementation.


  • To provide support for disruptive technologies.
  • To catalyze collaborative research.
  • To develop a vibrant, innovative ecosystem.
  • To nurture technological innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • To encourage promotion of startups in rural areas and technology with a rural orientation.

Focus Area

Following are broad topics and themes / indicative ideas related to primary energy, specifically in the areas of petroleum refining and alternate energy will be supported
  • Automation / Robotics in hydrocarbon scenario.
  • Development of Business Analytics.
  • Business process / re-engineering software / IT related and logistics related development.
  • Cost Optimization solution - Storage / Logistics / Usage / Packaging.
  • Development of device for cracks / leak detection in pipelines.
  • Gas / liquid leak detection and protection system.
  • Improved Asset Utilization.
  • Innovative scheme for zero effluent in refineries.
  • Innovative storage solution - Energy, Petroleum Products, Lubes, Base Oils.
  • Inventory Management - Crude and Petroleum Products.
  • Low cost fuel quality monitoring and onsite detection device/s.
  • Low Cost Model for Waste to Energy.
  • Low cost on-site lube condition monitoring techniques.
  • Low cost process for desalination of sea water.
  • Manufacturing of biofuels including Ethanol.
  • Manufacturing of Nano Materials / Catalysts / Chemicals
  • New applications with refinery streams.
  • Replacing the heat source in refineries by renewables.
  • Reduction in emissions.
  • Innovative waste disposal.
  • Other open areas related to petroleum refining and alternate energy.